21 Jun 2017

Decoding GST Registration Number

The evolution to GST or Goods and Services Tax Enrolment has commenced in India, with prevailing VAT and service tax registration holders being assigned GST or Goods and Services Tax Registration number to standardize the two major indirect tax codes. In this article, we look at the meaning behind a GST or Goods and Services Tax registration number.

GST or Goods and Services Tax Registration number is a 15 digit identification that is assigned to each taxpayer based on PAN number and State of the applicant. In GST or Goods and Services Tax registration number, the first two digits represents the State Code, followed by the next 10 digits indicating the PAN of the applicant, one digit signifying entity code, one digit is left blank and the last digit is a check sum digit.

17 Jun 2017

Essential GST Hacks for Every Tax-paying Indian

GST, an acronym for Goods and Services Tax, is the latest buzz in the Indian economic scenario courtesy of it coming into play from 1st July, 2017 onward. As a form of taxation GST or Goods and Services Tax is employed by more than 150 countries the world over, the honour of being the first belonging to France and that of being the most recent going to Malaysia. Whether or not this system of unified taxation will work in the world’s largest democracy, namely India, is something that will become apparent only after it has been implemented for at least six months at a stretch.