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What Information Does A PAN Card Have?

A PAN card is given for every PAN allotted to anyone or company (or entity). Permanent details of a person or entity which are unlikely to change over a period of time are printed on the PAN card. This way frequent updates of Pan Cards can be avoided.

The PAN Card has the following details:

For Individuals:

  • The Permanent Account Number of the Individual taxpayer along with the built-in status and check Alphabet.
  • The Full Name of the PAN Card Holder
  • Name of the Father of the PAN Card Holder
  • Date of Birth of the Holder
  • Photograph of PAN Card Holder
  • Signature

For Entities other than individuals:

  • The Permanent Account Number along with the built-in status of assesse and check Alphabet.
  • Full Name
  • Date of Incorporation

All the information listed on the PAN Card reflects the verified data given on the application in Form 49A. The address is not written, as it may change from time to time. It is not possible to list all the information about a company, HUF, business, etc so PAN Cards are given in the name of an individual like a director, partner, other members or individual’s names.