Crypto Banking and Decentralized Finance

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The movement of control and decision-making from a centralized entity to a decentralized network is called decentralization in blockchain . In decentralized blockchains the transferred is irreversible .It enables the people involved to deal with each other face- to -face without any intermediary . Decentralization is the feature that makes crypto trustworthy.  Decentralization and stability of currency go hand in hand . Decentralized Finance , also called DeFi is thus more trustworthy and stable .

Is Decentralization Good for Crypto ?

The decentralization of cryptocurrencies is what makes it reliable . In general , more decentralized cryptocurrencies are more likely to be stable and live than centralized and less dispersed cryptocurrencies .It allows an open and non – discriminated environment for the transactions of crypto . Some of the many advantages of Decentralization include, security by thousands of computers which in turn results in a high availability , and diversification .


Importance of Decentralization in Cryptocurrency

The whole point of a decentralized blockchain is to provide a hard promise : an immutable ledger with open , non -discriminatory participation . We tolerate the inefficiency of decentralization in some ways since it is the only method to enable a network with these characteristics .It also improves data reconciliation , eliminates all the challenges faced in centralized transactions and optimizes resource distribution . It also lowers the risk of systematic failure . It implies that nobody can control or monitor the purchases , sales or transactions you are making .

How Decentralized Exchanges Work ?

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange market that works decentralized , allowing peer- to- peer trading without the use of a central authority . When a user requests a withdrawal , his funds are converted back into the cryptocurrency they represent and delivered to the user .They depend on smart contracts to allow transactions without the need of intermediaries . Some popular decentralized exchanges are Binance , Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex .

Top 10 DEXs of 2021

Here is a list of top 10 most trending and trustworthy decentralized exchanges according to  2021 .

  • Uniswap –  It is a growing network of DeFi apps . Uniswap v3 has set a new 24hr volume record of $ 4.8bn and a weekly volume ATH of $ 21bn + in the last two weeks .
  • Pancakeswap – PancakeSwap has the greatest number of users of any decentralized platform ever . It is popular for swapping BEP20 tokens on Binance smart chain . It uses an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model .
  • dYdX – It is one of the most powerful trading platforms for crypto assets . Trades are quickly executed and confirmed on the blockchain within hours .It is world’s number 1 price – tracking cryptocurrency market agency .
  • Changelly Exchange – Changelly is a real- time cryptocurrency exchange that offers the best exchange rates for BTC  , ETH , XRP , ADA , and more than 200 other digital assets . It has a count of over 2 million users. Its services re popular for being user -friendly and secure .
  • Shapeshift Exchange –ShapeShift is an all -in -one crypto management tool , allowing you to send , receive , trade , track , and keep bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies . It is hardware -protected . Shapeshift’s main headquarters is located in Switzerland .
  • IDEX Exchange – The top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in IDEX stock are Binance , HitBTC , Mandala exchange . It is a platform that never compromises performance or security . Through IDEX  you may buy , sell ,  and trade cryptocurrencies .
  • Bisq Exchange  – It is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that allows you transactions in crypto without giving any personal information . Bisq is a free and open- source desktop program that lets you buy and sell bitcoin in return for national currencies or alternative cryptocurrencies .It is also safe and private due to its peer- to- peer transaction system .
  • Etherdelta DEX– EtherDelta is a decentralised trading platform that allows you to exchange Ether and Ethereum -based tokens with other users directly  . Etherdelta tokens (EDT) is a cryptocurrency that operates on Etherum platform .
  • Burgerswap- It is beneficial to you and helps you get the most recent Burger Swap price , BURGER market capitalization , trading pairings  , charts , and data . It is also the most popular bitcoin price tracking website in the world . It is a decentralized exchange that allows direct and easy crypto transaction  .
  • JustSwap  -It is TRON’S first token exchange protocol . JustSwap is a decentralized trading protocol based on TRON that allows for automated liquidity provision and an open financial market that is open to anyone .

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